Frequently asked questions

How do i login to my account?

You may Sign up first and check your email for Activation link for the account. Once you click on the link, you will be able to log into your personal Boom Shiva account.

Can i get discount coupons?

yes certainly if you are a regular user of Boom Shiva Clothings and Events, you will be notified with Promo discount code to get heavy discounts for your future purchase.

How can i get access to upcoming Events?

You can get updates on upcoming events by browsing our facebook page and group to checkout the Event section on page. If you Like and click on get notification on Boom Shiva Eventa and Entertainments page, you will be notified automatically when upcoming Music Event is uploaded on page and group. You can also add our events hotline phone on whatsapp to get notified +91-9627988893 or facebook page www.facebook.com/boooomshiva Like and Subscibe on our social tabs to get notified.