Maha Mantra Music Festival is a unique blend of bhakti and devotion to unite as being ONE. This music festival aims at Universal brotherhood with mantra music as a unique means to unite Human souls to spread love and oneness in the World. This event is one of an Exclusive Event since we have been working on this event since 8 years to bring it Live for everyone from the banks of Maa Ganga, all the way from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand , INDIA . SATYA AND PARI -It was in this spiritual field of bhakti and love around Papaji, that Satyaa and Pari met in 1995 and started to sing together in Satsang. Papaji often used to call for Satyaa to sing and dance. Once he said: “Satyaa can make people´s mind quiet, when she sings”. Together with Pari and other musicians she sang many times before Papaji and while living in Lucknow she started to compose own songs of Love and Devotion. Later on, while living the summers on the island of Corfu, where Pari was co-leading and running the holiday and retreat center “Alexis Zorbas”, they also composed and performed many Mantras, Bhajans and devotional songs which have been recorded on their CDs. The focus of their music is to open the heart for love. Love for God, love for the divine, love for truth and happiness which they have been sharing all over the world, up to now. Their life as a family, raising a beautiful daughter, has been a source of inspiration as well as all aspects of life are sacred. Bhakti and devotion in action. In their concerts one feels the source for this love that we all share in our hearts and one gets inspired to allow and trust. And this love-spirit is expressed in their music, in Satsang and various retreats all over the world. Check an extract of the video ” Chanting for Love” recorded in their Corfu´s home and during their Chanting retreats “Hearts on Fire” where they and their daughter Mira talked about what singing means for them, where it all started… Please do not afford to miss this amazing Mantra Musical Journey . This event would be covered as one of the Music Video aswell and this Music Video would be advertised and published worldwide through advance digital media . Don't afford to miss the concert. Book your passes now - #Yoga #Holi #India #Uttarakhand Aim of the Event- The prime aim is to unite everyone with the power of devotional music and to help and Support Poor Orphanage children as 100 percent of the money saved after the event expenses deduction, will be donated for helping orphanage schools . Please share the event page and support the noble cause music event to be the part of good Karma in Life . The event will be covered by all the Major press Media of India . Hope to see you at this Life time's Exclusive Event with Live performance by Legends . For more info feel free to visit our website link below:

Saturday, February 15, 2020

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